The inspirational, interactive and informative learning opportunities presented below are designed to enhance the lives of individuals and the teams and organizations to which they belong. Participation in these programs will help you and your people be the best they can be so that your company can be the best it can be.


These programs are run as public courses in Victoria, Australia for individual participation or within organisations for group or team participation. All courses can be tailored as needed. 

To discuss your professional development needs or obtain information on current public courses please contact Deborah Watson on or call 0438017809


Innovation Inspiration Workshop

Along with nimbleness, finding the intellectual niche through inspired innovation is critical to growth for all Australian companies treading the world stage - or even the local stage. We use a variety of tools and techniques to help your business tap into its available intellectual resources and knowledge base - and put the ideas into action.

Recommended for: All people involved in innovation

Time: as needed 


Inspiration and Influence - Team Building Workshop

If your workplace, department or team is feeling a little overworked, jaded or in need of a pep-up, then this is the program for you. These workshops use a variety of tools and fun exercises to help people learn about themselves and others. At the end of the workshop participants will have a greater appreciation of the power they have to influence positive change for themselves and for their work place. 

Recommended for: all teams

Time: 1 day - as needed 


MBTI (and MBTI for Teams)

The highly acclaimed Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality profiling tool is used in this workshop to enhance each person's understanding of themselves and of others. A fun half-day session that involves both interaction and introspection. People have the opportunity to assess their own personality and to understand and learn to value difference.

Recommended for: Everybody

Time: 4 hours/half day


Diversity Dynamics

Our physical, cultural, and personality differences play an important role in organisational dynamics. An appreciation of diversity in any of its forms is the basis for the development of excellence in workplaces and within teams. Each program is tailored to the specific diversity needs of each workplace or team.

Recommended for: Everybody

Time: 4 hours/half day


Persuasive Presentations

A fun and highly participative presentation skills development program which will improve the presentation development and delivery techniques of all participants. Participants will learn the theory behind good presentations and be able to put it into practice immediately by creating and delivering presentations throughout the program. The program can be run over one or two days depending on the desired level of development of experience and knowledge.

Minimum 6 and maximum 10 people per program.

Recommended for: Anybody who needs to present information

Time: one or two days - can be run as half days over a few weeks.

Conflict Resolution

Healthy, assertive, issues focused conflict can be highly beneficial to an organisation. Unhealthy, aggressive, personally focused conflict is not. Participants will learn the difference between the two and how to move from the first to the second. They will also learn strategies for controlling their own response when others attempt to 'push their buttons'.

Recommended for: All people who work in teams

Time: 1 day