Coaching is recognised as a powerful way of helping people to make personal changes which can improve their work performance, enhance their professional relationships, develop specific skills and support their career ambitions.

At Your Work Life we offer an approach to coaching which makes best use of time and technology by conducting sessions by telephone or email.  This allows us to offer coaching services to people anywhere in Australia...or, for that matter, the world! 

The coaching at Your Work Life begins with determining your objectives and setting a time frame for you to complete your program. Sessions may be conducted by telephone or email depending on your preference. 

The five coaching packages offered are:


Get started now....begin a coaching program by downloading the pdf file here Coaching Process and following the instructions. Choose and pay for your Package here.

Package 1: Your Career Development Level 1

This package is aimed at people either just starting out in their career or those who are exploring the possibility of changing to a more personally fulfilling career.  It includes the use of an 'interests inventory' tool to help determine the career that best matches your interests and your skills. The questionnaire is conducted on-line and a report is used to inform the career development coaching conversation in the two sessions.

CD 1: Interests Inventory plus 2 session - Price: $350

Package 2: Your Career Development Level 2

This package includes Career Development Level 1 with an additional overlay provided by using the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® that will help you to identify career choices that match with personal peferences and your natural inclination.

CD2: Interests Inventory and MBTI plus 3 sessions - Price: $450

 Package 3: You and Your Work Life - General Coaching

This package is about goal setting and achievement without the use of profiling or personality tools.  It is ideal for someone who wants to achieve something specific.  The coach can: be a sounding board for ideas;  provide an alternative perspective; help you draft your goals and associated actions and deadlines; and provide encouragement and support to help you succeed.  

You and Your Work Life: 4 sessions - Price: $550

Package 4: Your Personality Profile using Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

This coaching package uses the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® to provide you with a personality profile from which you can develop a plan to capitalise on your preferences and strengths.

MBTI: MBTI profiling tool plus 2 sessions - Price: $350

 Package 5: Your Emotional Intelligence Coaching

 This package uses the Bar-On EQ tool to develop your emotional intelligence profile through self-report.  The questionnaire is conducted on-line and a report is used to inform the development of an action plan to help you develop areas of your choice.

EQ: Bar-On EQ tool plus 2 sessions Price: $350

 To begin a coaching program download the pdf file here Coaching Process and follow the instructions.